"(...) driving into the centre of london can be relatively straightforward, or it can take you through the vibrant and energetic Borough of TOWER HAMLETS, where the buzz of mile end road’s market and the City’s towering skyline contrast in close proximity to each other (...) two worlds apart, and yet mingled into the East End (...) the hum of tourists hitting the streets between liverpool street and tower bridge only adds to the unique atmosphere of this Borough: one of the greatest melting pot areas in the world -- MONAKKA MONOWAR welfare foundation is here to enforce community cohesion, fight anti-social behaviour, celebrate and preserve tradition."

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tracing roots at the Archive

On Monday this week, a group of young residents in our Borough visited (see pictures) the Tower Hamlets local History Library and Archives, as part of the first phase - "Research and Dramatization" - of our 16-week "Memory Theatre" project, that was launched thanks to a community grant from Westfield Stratford City.
"Memory Theatre" will lay the foundations for another ambitious project, "Community Theatre", on which we will hopefully be able to embark within few months..

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